Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology

Adaptive 2.0 Learning Solution is the only SaaS solution to create adaptive 2.0 digital courses. Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar founder and CEO of intellADAPT is the pioneer in the brain-based adaptive learning. His pedagogical frame work – The Learning Cube is the basis of the Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology.

intellADAPT is a Boston based Ed-Tech Company, founded with the intention of overhauling the pedagogical status-quo of 'one-size-fits-all learning'. Since then, intellADAPT has provided innovative individuals with an interdisciplinary approach to revolutionizing how they approach education. Our adaptive 2.0engine allows the end user to integrate their own tacit knowledge, acquired in the traditional academic setting, with our years of cutting edge research in information technology and brain based learning models.

IntellADPAT Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology proprietary, content agnostic, adaptive engine allows curators of content to become purveyors of innovative digital course solutions. Whether you are a teacher ahead of the curve or a publisher looking to reposition to more profitable distribution channels, intellADAPT provides the potential to realize growth and profit in the emerging industry of mobile-based education. Let intellADAPT keep you ahead of the curve with our adaptive 2.0 Digital Courses.

Who is Using Adaptive 2.0?

  • Individual Educators: Augment individual student performance in the traditional classroom setting.
  • Corporate Compliance: Overhaul your institution's approach to certification with customized solutions in virtually any application, from employee health and safety, to on the job training.
  • Publishers: Vertically integrate your existing content to become purveyors of profitable adaptive 2.0 digital courses across platform and mobile devices.
  • Authors/Writers: Create your content online and publish for revenue.

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